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Bartell Machinery Systems is a global leader in providing highly-engineered industrial manufacturing equipment for the Tire & Rubber, Oil & Gas, and Wire & Cable industries. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Bartell has delivered innovative solutions to leading manufacturers since our founding in 1940, with over 8,500 machines now installed worldwide. We offer the industry's most advanced and proven tire bead machinery, systems for producing subsea oil & gas flexible pipe, and innovative wire & cable machines. Our products are fully designed and rigorously tested to optimize safety, production efficiency, operational reliability, and maximized asset life cycle. We pride ourselves upon setting new standards for quality, performance and value in every machine we build. With generations of industry knowledge and engineering design experience coupled with our world-class sales and technical service network, Bartell's employees are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art technologies capable of meeting your most advanced production needs.

Tire & Rubber

For over 70 years Bartell has been the preeminent supplier of machines to the world's leading tire manufacturers that optimize tire quality, safety, productivity and cost efficiency. Our machine systems continue to drive the technological changes and breakthroughs in component preparation and assembly that have shaped the modern tire industry. With particular expertise on the core tire-wheel interface or bead area, Bartell has led the way generation after generation developing features and characteristics that allow tire designers to expand their technologies. Through research, development and an intimate process understanding, Bartell enables the industry to deliver the highest performance and quality demanded by today's tire consumers.

Wire & Cable

From advanced fibre optic and LAN cable production to high speed manufacture of energy cables, Bartell range of Ceeco branded wire & cable products have been at the forefront of technologies that cut costs, expand data signal rates and allow higher transmission frequencies to speed communications and power to all corners of the globe. Advances in power cable manufacturing via Bartell's Roll Form Stranding machines, increase cable production rates up to five times over traditional methods, while reducing costs in both drawing operations and insulating materials. Our design expertise, in-depth process understanding and product development allow Bartell's customers to optimize their product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness.

Oil & Gas

Bartell's Ceeco products are found at the heart of factories worldwide producing flexible risers and umbilicals for the offshore oil and gas industry, including some of the world's largest systems for Tensile Armouring, Flexlock and Carcass production. Our commitment to research and development pushes the envelope for subsea flexibles capable of withstanding water depths beyond 3,000 meters. Bartell has additionally developed successful technology for making onshore flexible pipelines on-location reducing time, labor and shipping costs. We are focused on delivering leading-edge technologies that allow our customers to succeed in the newest frontiers of oil and gas production.

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Bartell U.S.A.
     Bartell Machinery Systems, L.L.C.
     Corporate Headquarters
     6321 Elmer Hill Road
     Rome, New York  13440-9325, USA
       Tel: (315) 336-7600
       Fax: (315) 336-0947
      Replacement Parts: (800) 537-8473 / (800) 538-9473
      24-Hour Emergency Parts: (866) 866-9160
      24-Hour Emergency Technical Support: (866) 866-9160
       Electronic Mail:
       Sales: sales@bartellmachinery.com
       Service: service@bartellmachinery.com
       Parts: parts@bartellmachinery.com

Bartell Europe
     Bartell Machinery LTD.
    1 Pearson Road, Central Park
     Telford TF2-9TX - England
       Tel: 44.1952.201.291
       Fax: 44.1952.201.083
       Electronic Mail:
       Sales: sales@bartellmachinery.co.uk

Bartell Canada
     Bartell Machinery Systems, L.L.C.
     Ceeco Bartell Products
    400 Applewood Crecent, Suite 100
     Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4K 0C3
       Tel: (905) 761-3000
       Fax: (315) 336-0947
       Replacement Parts: (315) 225-5964
       24-Hour Emergency Parts: (315) 338-8339
       24-Hour Emergency Technical Support: (866) 866-9160
       Electronic Mail:
       Sales: sales@bartellmachinery.com
       Service: service@bartellmachinery.com
       Parts (Ceeco Bartell): parts@bartellmachinery.com
       Parts (Syncro): parts@bartellmachinery.com


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