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Bartell’s most popular machines in the Tire & RubberOil & Gas and Wire & Cable industries.


The Bartell SWS-6000 Single Wire Bead Winding System is a complete bead line capable of producing up to six flat or taper base, single-wire hexagonal or square section beads simultaneously.

This machine is built to wind and interlock, steel “Flexlock” pressure armouring strips in long lengths on a flexible tube in a continuously wound helix for use in high pressure flexible pipe applications.

As part of the equipment that Bartell Machinery offers to support the Flexible Pipe Industry, Pad Style Taping Machines are available. These can be part of a main machine line (Carcass, Flexlock, Tensile Armouring) or installed separately as their own production line.

50 mm strip armoring machine is used for the production of armored cables and flexible conduits. It is suitable to armour building cables (MC & AC), ESP cable (Electrical Submersible Pump), data, fiber optic, safety & fire alarm cables.